Carol Tornetta

Carol Tornetta

Life on Hard Hill

By Carol Tornetta

Carol Tornetta lives on Hard Hill Farm in Hamburg, PA, where she and her family are working to build a healthier life in the country than their previous life in suburbia.

She writes about food security, the antics of cute animals, and handmade items; her current project is spinning yarn from the first shearing of their alpacas. It takes longer to spin up 12 pounds of alpaca fiber than one might think, especially when there are daily farm tasks to complete, along with one’s “day job.”

She has several projects on her to-do list, including building a goat pen and getting goats, building outdoor seating, dyeing yarn with plants from the property, and crocheting with recycled t-shirt yarn.

Carol moved to the country with her family to transition to a more self-sufficient lifestyle for retirement, planting a garden to grow their own food as free of chemicals as possible.

She defines homesteaders as “people trying to improve their lives by being more responsible to the earth.”

A Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog, two indoor cats, two barn cats, a Senegal parrot, six alpacas and thirteen laying hens all call Hard Hill Farm home.

Canning, spinning, crochet, sewing and understanding the importance of hard work are all country skills Carol uses on the homestead. Her philosophy on country is that it’s pretty good, but it’s not for everyone, which she thinks is a shame.