Carla Scharber

Carla Scharber

Barefoot & Genuine

By Carla Scharber

Carla, a native Minnesotan and suburbanite, had the opportunity to work on a farm in Northern Norway during her college years.  During her sojourn abroad, she decided that the simpler, substantive and independent life of a homesteader was the perfect fit for her.  However, it wasn’t until she had a family of her own that she found the motivation to make her dream a reality.

The Scharber’s own a 1.67 acre micro farm in East Central Minnesota which they have been developing over the years.  Even after many starts and stops, failures and successes, Carla continues her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle and growing their homestead.  She is proud to call herself a farmer and embraces all the duties and joys that go with the title.

With both daughters off at college, there seems to be abundant time, not only to pursue her many hobbies, but also to blog.  The mission of Carla’s personal blog is to promote finding your authentic self and fostering a life that is true to you.  She illustrates this by sharing her personal journey and her many loves.  Carla particularly enjoys writing about all that she has learned and continues to learn on her farm.

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