BN Heard

BN Heard

Like a Hair in a Biscuit

By BN Heard

Hello, I’m BN Heard, also known as “The Tractor Guy” because I write the syndicated column, “Cranks My Tractor” about the nice people, places and things I find as I go through life. I also write about the predicaments where I seem to find myself.

I grew up in the South, but now I live in Virginia amongst folks who think they are in the South. They are real nice, but most of them are tourists here to see the many fun and interesting historical sites in and around Williamsburg, Virginia, and go to Busch Gardens or Water Country.

Here at GRIT, I plan on writing mainly about going to the farmers’ market, cooking, working in the yard and hanging out at the hardware store and Tractor Supply. 

I’ve worked as a mathematician in the aerospace industry and as a college math professor in Alabama and Virginia for more than 20 years. My Cranks My Tractor column can be seen in newspapers and magazines in the Deep South and sometimes in Virginia.

Whether you are just hanging out, hanging in there or hanging on – do it “Like a Hair in a Biscuit.” If you’ve ever seen one; you know what I mean.

After you read what my fellow GRIT writers and I have to say here at GRIT, come see me at

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