April Renee

April Renee

Gritting Real

By April Renee

A freelance writer, April Renee calls Crescent City, California, home. With this blog, she plans “to share with and inform people of the joys, benefits and advice for a healthy country lifestyle.”

“Currently I am a weekly contributing author for Consumer Health Digest. I am a writer, currently not living in the country and therefore choose to write about it as the desire to be in the country is immense. This weekly contribution to Consumer Health Digest is a paid project that motivates me to push forward within the genre of writing topics related to country life.”

April also updates her personal blogs weekly and has a full slate of writing projects for other publications, such as Off Grid Living, Mother Earth News and Mother Earth Living.

She grew up in the country, and she plans to live and retire in the country. She defines a homesteader as “someone who can handle the blows of country life. An individual who lives sustainably with her own resources at home.”

Currently, April doesn’t have a garden because of limited space and a bad climate. “When I do garden I like to grow because it is less expensive, healthier and a great pastime.”

She shares her living space with Trapper, a bloodhound/lab mix; two cats, Carson and Einstein; and Charlotte the Turtle.

As for country skills, April lists bucking hay, riding horses, cleaning stalls, animal husbandry, fixin’ ‘it, and decorating/design.

And April’s philosophy on country life?

“It’s simple. The philosophy is – Peace, Love and Simplicity.”

Contact April through her blogs – Writing Your Words, Charlotte’z We[b]log, or Fenominimals, or via her Facebook pages – Scarlet Nathaniel or April Renee or via LinkedIn. She can also be contacted via Twitter and Google+.