Amanda Stoffels

Amanda Stoffels

Stoffels Family Farm

By Amanda Stoffels

Farming has been a childhood dream for a lifetime. I grew up in rural panhandle of Texas where my parents were teachers at the local school. We lived in town and farming was everywhere around and always at an arms length away. I dreamed of living life as a pioneer woman like Laura Ingles Wilder! And, ever since I was 8 years old, I have been trying to be that pioneer woman.

Flash forward 25 years and I find myself in the Texas DFW suburbs. God has blessed our family with three children (6, 4, and 2 years old), a good marriage, and a small farm two hours from home. We have discussed building on the farm and moving to the farm; for now, Home is here in the suburbs with good jobs and a great church family and friends. So, again for a second time in life, I find myself living in town with farming seemingly ‘at arms length’.

How to bring farming/gardening home? We live on a typical 0.20 acre lot in the middle of the city limits, and have been blessed with a 115-acre farm on the outskirts of DFW. We grow and sell grass-fed beef, as well as honey once a year. My venture into backyard urban farming is with chickens and vegetable gardening on our small suburban homestead. So, my passion for farming is quenched at home with gardening and chickens; and at the farm with cattle and bees. We have many projects ahead to share with you so I hope you enjoy reading as I share our successes and “redo’s” with you.

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