Amanda “Mandi” Kemp

Amanda “Mandi” Kemp

Freehold Farm

By Amanda “Mandi” Kemp

As a little girl, Mandi was always obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie book series and all things pioneer. Had she followed her first instincts, she would have started homesteading then. Instead, she dutifully earned a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s, neither of which brought her any real satisfaction, though she did have gainful employment. After marrying Matt, a self-described “marsh billy,” Mandi now happily experiments with all manner of homesteading skills. Together, they raise animals and garden most of their fifth of an acre, much to the dismay of the neighbors. Longing for more land, Mandi and Matt can’t wait until they move. And neither can the neighbors.

You can find Mandi’s Etsy website where she sells various crafts at

Additionally, if you are interested in frugality, she has books on the subject available from Amazon’s Kindle store.