Allyson Crockett

Allyson Crockett

Emus and Dingoes and Roos Oh My

By Allyson Crockett

Allyson Crockett lives on Eagle Hill Homestead in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, where she writes about the wild and domestic animals that share the region. She looks forward to sharing the beauty and serenity of her lifestyle with readers, hoping to soothe and reinvigorate them with stories of her life in the Australian country. Allyson also hopes to encourage people to visit and spend time in the Flinders Ranges and to appreciate the natural beauty of the earth; she believes animals can be our friends and allies and should be treated so. She encourages acquiring real wealth through experiences, serving others and interacting with the world rather than chasing material things.

Her current project is sharing her life in Hawker, South Australia with the world through her website, Animal Ally. She would like others to see the joy and happiness her dogs and cats bring her on a daily basis and to show that all creatures just want to get on with the life they’re given. She considers the wild animals part of her life as much as her domestic creatures, and respects and appreciates them the same. She’s focusing on taking more photos and videos for her website and writing more content for it, inspiring people and staying happy and cultivating inner peace.

She says, “I moved to the country 26 years ago because I wanted to raise my three boys in a better environment and show them how the world really is. I didn’t want them to grow up in a city with no connection to the Earth and its plants and animals. People who are raised in the country are nicer people. They’re more understanding, tolerant and self-reliant.

The term “homesteader” isn’t used much in Australia, although most people would know what a homestead is. Instead, it’s kind of a given that country people know more about how life works and are more reliable and resourceful in an emergency, or any other situation really.

Allyson has a Border Collie named Ted and a kelpie named Braxton, along with seven cats: Joely, Flexi, Ruby, Ochie, Patti, Jellie and Gremlyn, and four Emden/Toulouse geese.

Gardening, cooking and finding resourceful and innovative ways to fix things with whatever is on hand are all country skills of Allyson’s. She also considers her affinity for animals a country skill, as being comfortable around them is important for country dwellers.

“Thank goodness for country people keeping it real,” she says. “What would the city folk do without us?”

Find more from Allyson at her personal website, Animal Ally, or on Facebook.