Alli Kelley

Alli Kelley

Longbourn Farm

By Alli Kelley

Alli Kelley, in Wellsville, Utah, is eager to share her family’s journey to rehab their disheveled property at Longbourn Farm and the fun (and not-so-fun) adventures they have along the way. Of her farm, she says:

“Longbourn Farm is the best place to get all the right information you need to make the most of your small acreage farm. We provide realistic, scientific, innovative content to help you make your property and animals productive, healthy, and cost efficient! We understand how overwhelming buying acreage and moving to the country can be – we are living it! I love to act as a liaison between small acreage farmers and large-scale farmers, I know both kinds very well and both are awesome!”

On her to-do list is a big project of “pasture renovation and rehab! The goal for Spring 2016 is to remove the middle section that is basically a rock pile and also install a cost effective watering system that works well with my rotational grazing system.”

Alli also plans to design an inexpensive and wind-proof shelter for the pasture, install additional fencing for rotational grazing, expand the garden, and decide where to plant fruit trees and get them planted.

Her move to the country was inspired by a lifelong desire to be a farmer.

“Literally since I could talk. I grew up riding show jump horses wishing for my own farm someday where they could live at my house. Through my undergraduate and graduate education, I came to appreciate livestock animals and farming on a whole new level and it only continued to inspire my country-girl heart. When we found our sad little abandoned property, I knew it was meant to be!

“My parents have always planted a large, productive garden and stored much of what they would grow. I have always wanted to be just like them in that aspect! I’m no pro yet, but we are improving every year and once I have more storage space, I’m sure canning will become my favorite pastime.”

She defines a homesteader as “a person who lives as self-sufficiently as they are comfortable with.

“They are good stewards of the land and their animals and they understand when it’s appropriate to do-it-yourself and when it’s appropriate to embrace new technologies and consult a professional. Above all, they do it because they love it – it’s part of their heart.”

Loungbourn Farm is home to a variety of livestock:

“Poppy the Doberman Pinscher and Maverick the Golden Retriever. Tyke, Turtle, Muscles and Xavier the barn cats. A flock of 7 chickens named after characters from Jane Austen novels. The livestock we have fluctuate depending on the time of year. Usually cattle in the spring and summer, sometimes one through the winter. Currently on the search for a horse to call my own again and trying to convince my husband that a goat is really a necessity! Also toying with the idea of trying sheep or a pig this year.”

Her garden plans for this year are to go bigger with everything, and change up what she’s planted from past years. She always had plenty of herbs, though!

Alli’s country skills include animal nutrition, animal husbandry, animal healthcare, pasture management, weed management, water and soil management, innovative low-cost and low-maintenance farm solutions, cooking, freezer meals, and gardening (work in progress).

And her philosophy on country life is a simple as the life itself.

“I think a country life is the best life. We all live it a little differently and no way is the only “right” way. You can live a country life by just having a house in the countryside or by having your own little homestead. I love living a country life because just like all the best things in life, it’s homegrown and handmade.”

You can reach Alli through her personal blog, Longbourn Farm, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.