Adrienne Z. Milligan

Adrienne Z. Milligan

Gluten Free Preppers

By Adrienne Z. Milligan

Adrienne Milligan lives and farms near Seattle, Washington, writing about a gluten-free lifestyle with preparedness in mind. She is also interested in small-scale mining and gem prospecting, building and maintaining food storage, cooking around food allergies and intolerances, prepping with little ones and disabilities, amateur radio, and DIY projects.

At the moment, Adrienne is working on spring cleaningand decluttering the house, garage, and yard. She has her list of what to focus on for each room or area. She knows her family and plans reduce what they have one baby step at a time. Her goal is to return their home to “15-minutes company ready”. She is also getting the yard ready for planting, scheduling mining trips for the spring and summer and planning her menu for the next three months. She hopes to visit the local Master Gardeners’ demonstration garden, attend classes with her kids, and learn more about becoming a Master Gardener, too.

While still living in a duplex, Adrienne started growing in planters. In her last home, she had more than 20 raised beds, fruit trees, berry bushes, and a variety of flowers; since moving back into a duplex, she has focused on growing as much as she can in a small space. She has embraced gardening so much that she became a certified Square Foot Gardening instructor.

Adrienne says, “I used to think of homesteaders as those living in the country on a farm or ranch.  Since diving into gardening and then other emergency preparedness skills, I realized my family has been homesteading even while living here in the suburbs.  If we do make a move to the country, it will be another step in the life of a homesteader family.”

She grows tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, potatoes, lettuces, spinach, onions, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, green onions, blueberries, strawberries, dill, parsley, basil, thyme, and plenty of flowers. Adrienne loves finding new seeds, seedlings and mature plants she hasn’t tried before while wandering store aisles.

Along with gardening, Adrienne cans, cooks and bakes — including plenty of gluten-free food — prospects and mines for gems on a small scale, goes on metal detecting expeditions, and is a licensed amateur radio operator.

Adrienne’s philosophy on country life was shaped by very early experiences. “Growing up, one of my aunts and uncles had an orchard (apples and peaches) on a ranch. I learned early on that fresh from the tree or garden tastes best. One of my family’s goals is to live the country life — more room for gardening, fruit trees, maybe livestock (still not sure about that yet), and open spaces for us to play, learn, and be as a family.

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