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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

Learn about the different types of fences that keep animals in and out, and the benefits of good fences.

Egg Eating in Backyard Chickens

By Melissa Caughey

One of the worst habits that chickens can develop is eating their own eggs. This post helps the backyard chicken keeper to understand, prevent, and treat this disturbing problem in the flock.

Trout Species of North America

By James Prosek

Through watercolor paintings, Prosek has dedicated his unique talent to bringing life trout species of North America, several of which are becoming critically endangered fish.

The Amazing Honeybee: Start Your Own Bee Hive

By Meg with Modern Roots

The honeybee is fascinating. Along my journey of self-reliant living comes bees. I am setting up 2 colonies and will get about 80lbs a season from 1 hive.


Beulah's Big Morning Out

By Heather Jackson

Cow's just wanna have fun

Fulfillment and Purpose Through Homesteading

By The Homestead Redhead

Feeling burnout and unfulfilled? Homesteading may hold the answer.

Naked Llamas And Fat Cows

By Robyn Dolan 

Mrs. D shears her llamas and talks Mabel the dairy cow into having another calf.

Oregano as a Natural Poultry Antibiotic

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Many commercial antibiotics and other medications are not labeled for use in chickens, or have withdrawal periods during which the eggs should not be eaten. Why not try using oregano as a natural antibiotic instead?