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When a Broody Hen Won't Stop Being Broody

By Wendy E. N. Thomas

What do you do when a broody hen refuses to stop being broody?

A Sad Day on the Homestead

By The Homestead Redhead

A Sad Day on the Homestead-our experience with our mini pig's farrowing.

How To Keep Rabbits Cool in the Summer

By Sarah Cuthill

Here are a few simple tips on how to keep your outdoor rabbits cool in the summer heat.

Self-Sufficiency With a Dairy Goat

By Robin Mather

Enjoy greater self-sufficiency with fresh milk straight from your own dairy goat.


All Natural Fly Repellents

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Natural herbal fly control measures are inexpensive, safe and easy to prevent flies from invading your chicken coop and run areas.

Two Honeybee Swarms In One Day!

By Mary Murray

What started out as helping a neighbor inspect her hive, turned into a day capturing two honeybee swarms!

Better Chicken Health: Deep Litter Manure Management

By Harvey Ussery

Composting chicken manure in deep litter in the coop will build better chicken health and reduce labor.

The Basics of Raising Animals

By Michael and Audrey Levatino

Learn the basics of raising animals, whether for hobby farming or for consumption.