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Raising Katahdin Sheep in Osage County, Kansas

Oscar H. Will III

Hank talks about what led him down the path of raising Katahdin sheep on his homestead.

So You Want Backyard Chickens, Huh?

By Susan Berry

Owning and raising chickens is not glamorous. It takes hard work, financial investment and compassionate commitment.

My Rabbits Are on Grass

By Cait Carpenter

Putting rabbits on pasture without them killing each other.

Shep, the Lost Dog

By Arkansas Girl

Thankfully, when I was a kid, we never had to buy dogs. For one thing, we didn't have the money for that, and secondly, I recall that our dogs always just came to us or someone apparently gave them to us. That was the case with Shep.


That Came From WHERE?????

By Wendy E. N. Thomas

Hey, poop happens. It amazes me that people are grossed out by natural eggs, preferring instead to eat sterilized and cleaned up store eggs.

The Sport of Fishing

By Guest Blogger

Fishing is not only enjoyable, it's an essential survival skill and one of the easiest ways to find food in the wild.

The Quintessential Mother; The Family Cow

By A. Thomas Winfrey 

There's a reason every home before the 1900's had a cow in the yard.

The American Copper Butterfly

Follow the metamorphosis of an American Copper caterpillar into a tiny, fast-flying and playful butterfly.