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Summer time and the living is easy?

By Nebraska Dave

This post is about tips for blogging, the mother of all dandelions, planting corn, first tomato bloom, and building a entry way flower bed.

Grazing Management: Keys to a Well-Fed Flock

By Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius

Grazing management helps to keep overgrazing from becoming a problem in the pasture.

Learn to Turn Natural Fibers into Yarn

By Maggie Howe

Drop spindle is a good place to start for beginners turning natural fibers into yarn.

Chicken Trouble

By Sara Krug

I knew better than to allow several roosters to remain in our coop, but I was too soft-hearted to eliminate them. The following account is the result of that decision.


Evolution Of a Chicken Coop

By Laura Damron

Laura tells the story of her first chicken coop and how it has evolved over the past year or so.

Lambing 101: Animal Husbandry for Newborns

By Karen Keb

Shepherd usually doesn’t have to worry during lambing season; ewes take care of lambs without much difficulty.

Sheep Shelter Can Be Simple For Shepherds

By Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius

A sheep shelter can be the key to a smooth and comfortable lambing time.

Raising Katahdin Sheep in Osage County, Kansas

Oscar H. Will III

Hank talks about what led him down the path of raising Katahdin sheep on his homestead.