Advice and resources for beekeeping, livestock, pets, poultry, and wildlife.

An Unexpected Homesteading Skill

By Heather Jackson

Roping comes in handy when the goats get out.

Choosing the Right Chicken and Duck Breeds

By Carol Deppe

From laying birds to meat birds to dual-purpose breeds, there are many options for a small flock. 

Feeding Ducks and Chickens

By Carol Deppe

Learn the best feed mixes to produce high-quality eggs from your backyard poultry flock. 

Feeding your Honey Bees in the Winter with a Candy Board

By Melissa Caughey

Feeding honey bees in freezing temperatures can be a challenge. Try making and using a candy board this year. Once in place, it might just last you the entire winter season.


Back Roads, Where the Deer and the Antelope Roam

By Minnie Hatz

Any wildlife may be encountered on the road. The larger species, such as deer, can cause significant vehicle damage if hit. Watch for wildlife and learn their habits to help avoid collisions.

Edible Holiday Garlands for your Backyard Flock

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Boredom during the cold months can lead to pecking and other issues within your flock. Cure the winter blahs with edible vegetable garlands for your chickens!

Ice Fishing Tips for Beginners

By Amy Grisak

Learn a few of our cherished ice fishing tips, from tip ups to ice houses.

One Door Opens, Another Closes

By Diane Donovan

What is an 'epic fail'?? It's when you build your front door UNDER the overflow pipe: GREAT idea in summer, EPIC FAIL in winter!