Advice and resources for beekeeping, livestock, pets, poultry, and wildlife.

Merry Christmas card for 2012

By Mary Carton

I present the hooligans 2012 Christmas card.

Preparing for the Yearly Pig Slaughter

By Texas Pioneer Woman

Providing my family with pork that we have raised ourselves is a wonderful farm skill. To help you in preparing for the slaughter and butcher of your own pig, I have provided a checklist of items to have on hand and a list of things to do.

No Farms, No Food

By Joan Pritchard

Climate change is no longer a theory - it is reality. As our rural environment struggles, we must increase our efforts in educating all to nurture our earth. Our farms feed us all and the slogan is true - No Farms, No Food.

Free-Ranging Solution Against Predators for Backyard Chickens

By Melissa Caughey

Do you free range your chickens? Are you nervous about predators? Why not try supervised free-ranging? This successful technique allows your chickens the opportunity to free-range under your watch.


Possums and Foxes and Bears...Oh My!

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

One of the most challenging aspects of raising backyard flocks is keeping them safe from predators. A secure run and coop goes a long way, but being able to identify the specific type of predator can also help a chicken keeper battle the threat.

Teaching a Dairy Cow Not To Kick

By Milk Maid

A simple way to stop a cow from kicking when you milk her.

Discovering Your Backyard Bugs

By Judy Burris and Wayne Richards

Uncover amazing butterflies, moths, spiders, dragonflies and other insects just beyond your back door.

Small animals on the back roads

By Minnie Hatz

Small animals as well are larger ones can be on the backroads both day and night. Watch for wildlife at the roadside to avoid collisions with animals.