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Building Trust with Your Horse

Kellsey Trimble, Assistant Editor of GRIT Magazine, answers the reader-submitted question: “How do I build trust and a relationship with my horse?”

Treating Intestinal Parasites in Small Ruminants

By GRIT staff

Dr. Shirron LeShure, PhD., of Ohio State University found fruit byproducts may be useful in fighting internal parasites in small ruminant livestock.

Raising Guinea Fowl on Your Farm

By Christine Heinrichs

Guinea Fowl make a great addition to your livestock. Raising them on your farm or homestead can help keep gardens tidy and bug free.

Raising Pigs on Your Farm

By Philip Hasheider

Here are a handful of things to consider about your personal situation that will help you get started with raising pigs on farm land.


Animal Instinct

By Brenda Arthur

I am always amazed by animals' natural instincts.

Looking Back

By Nancy Addie

my mind floated back to 5 years ago when Chad (Super Farmer) and I thought it would be fun to start a little farm with no experience and deceiving thoughts of “I’m sure it will be easy, how hard can it be”??!!

RedTire Saves Rural Veterinary Practice

Press Release

Casey Thomas can retire in peace with the help of the University of Kansas’s RedTire Program.

Chicken Rant

By Cyndi Watson

This New Englander moves to the country and finds small, tasty adventures in simplicity.