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Introduction to Keeping Chickens Part 3 of 5

By Melissa Caughey

Part 3 in my 5 part series, Introduction to Chicken Keeping, introduces the concept of the brooder and discusses your chicks' arrival.

Homemade Suet Blocks for your Chickens or the Wild Birds

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Suet blocks are easy to make, use up leftover grease and will be enjoyed by your chickens as well as the wild birds on cold winter days.

Things I Never Knew About Farming

By Suzanne Cox

Living the farm life means constantly learning new things! Here are a few new lessons we have learned since taking on the country life two years ago. Covering dirty pigs, farm smells, cats, and more!

Preparations for Lambing

By Sarah Schartz

Winter is finallly here and it's time to get ready for lambs.


Nine Turkey Facts You Might Not Know

By Jennifer Sartell

Here is a list of turkey facts that may astound you and hopefully inspire you to raise some of your own. 

Easy Chicken Recipes for Any Time, Any Occasion

By Jean Teller

A number of easy chicken recipes answer the question of what to serve for dinner. 

Bacon 'n Eggs

By Diane Donovan

Which came first, the Eggs or the Bacon? Livestock namin' isn't above a little whimsical reflection. I aim to 'keep it real' should I ever enter the wild and woolly world of 4H...