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Trapped in the hen house - it was bound to happen

By Wendy E. N. Thomas

It was bound to happen. What happens when your daughter accidentally gets locked inside the hen house.

How to Render Lard

By Texas Pioneer Woman

I describe how I make my own lard after butchering a pig.

For the Birds

By C. Dayton

Dead trees that pose no danger to people or their surroundings can be left in place to provide valuable wildlife habitat. We left some standing in our backyard and are rewarded by daily visits from woodpeckers and other cavity-nesting birds.

Good day for doing things I’ve been putting off like defrosting the freezer

By Mary Carton

I've been putting off thawing out my freezer for a good reason. It was an all day job. Looking for Bald eagles along the Tennessee River, I got more than I bargained for.


Weekend Update: Mud & Chickens

By Heather Jackson

Mud is the most abundant crop in our fields right now!

Redefining Homesteading

By Robyn Dolan 

Mrs. D defines what homesteading means to her.

How to Catch a Flock of Feral Fowl

By Cait Carpenter

When chickens escape, here's what you do to catch them.

Development of a Dairy Goats Udder

By Milk Maid

So, you have your first dairy goat but do you know what to look for when the udder is developing. How do you know she will have a nice udder for milking?