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Poultry Sass

By The Homestead Redhead

Poultry Sass, The misadventures of hens

Cooking With Eggs From Your Backyard Flock

By Deborah Niemann

Try these six recipes to enjoy your farm-fresh eggs and stewing hens. You can use these tips for cooking with everything from excess eggs and heritage turkeys.

Homemade Dishwasher Powder

By Texas Pioneer Woman

Learn how to make your own economical and natural homemade dishwasher powder.

Introduction to Keeping Chickens Part 5 of 5

By Melissa Caughey

Join me in the conclusion of this 5 part series-An Introduction to Keeping Chickens. Broodiness, keeping roosters, chicken diet, egg laying issues and more are covered.


Coop Adventures - Moving Day

By Cheryl in Texas

We built a chicken tractor type coop for our one surviving chicken, who was more than ready to get out of the brooder. This is the story of Bess the chicken's moving day.

Packing for Canaan

By Pauline Hylton

When Cultivating a Dream begins to become a reality.

Pulling a Kid, Part 1

By Milk Maid

Not every birth of a kid goat is a text book delivery. So, what to you do when your doe is having a problem with delivery. Part 1

Trapped in the hen house - it was bound to happen

By Wendy E. N. Thomas

It was bound to happen. What happens when your daughter accidentally gets locked inside the hen house.