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The Lowdown on Feeding Clover to your Chickens

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Determined to find out why clover is often included on lists of harmful plants for your chickens, I did a bit of research and spoke with some experts to find out the lowdown on feeding clover to your flock.

Pigs and Peanut Butter

By The Homestead Redhead

What happens when you give a pig some peanut butter.

Chicks Are Not Puppies

By Wendy E. N. Thomas

In a recent chicken workshop, I warned my students that chicks are not like puppies, you don’t want the calm one who is taking a nap when you inspect the litter. Quite the opposite, when you pick out chicks, you want the ones who are most lively and active.


Adjusting the Temperature in Your Brooder

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

Learn about the different ways you can adjust the temperature in your brooder to ensure your chicks are comfortable.

This Piggy Went to Town

By Malisa Niles

Sometimes life goes a bit crazy when animals escape.

Behold, a Chunnel!

By The Homestead Redhead

Homestead Redhead solution for those nasty chicken eating hawks.

To be a chicken keeper or not to be, that is the question

By The Homestead Redhead

The first in a series of chicken talk and care, Homestead Redhead style.