Advice and resources for beekeeping, livestock, pets, poultry, and wildlife.

Basic Stone Masonry

By Jennifer Sartell

Our friend gives us a basic lesson in stone masonry. How to smoothly split a stone into two workable halves.

Frugal Farrowing Pen

By The Homestead Redhead

How we made a secure farrowing pen for our pig without spending a dime!

Building a Coop, Part 2

By Cheryl in Texas

Part 2 of the coop building adventure - the coop get completed enough to move the chicks and ducks in to their spacious new quarters.

Moonlight Starlight

By B.L. Lietzau

As a child visiting my grandparents farm, we would play outside until well after the sun set. Moonlight Starlight was one of our favorites


Feeding the Bees

By Jennifer Sartell

After a long, hard Michigan winter we give our bees a springtime boost to get them through till the flowers bloom.

How to Keep Bees: Getting Through the First Season

By Alethea Morrison

This step-by-step guide to beginning beekeeping will help you set up your beeyard and make it through the first season, battling Varroa mites with natural solutions. 

Free-Range Chickens Viable in Large Operation

Courtesy “Farm Show Magazine”

This Georgia farmer raises 60,000 free-range chickens in specially designed chicken tractors.

Mountain Lions in Kansas

By Hank Will

A mountain lion was most likely to blame for the maiming of one of Hank’s young calves.