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Building a Coop, Part 2

By Cheryl in Texas

Part 2 of the coop building adventure - the coop get completed enough to move the chicks and ducks in to their spacious new quarters.

Moonlight Starlight

By B.L. Lietzau

As a child visiting my grandparents farm, we would play outside until well after the sun set. Moonlight Starlight was one of our favorites

Feeding the Bees

By Jennifer Sartell

After a long, hard Michigan winter we give our bees a springtime boost to get them through till the flowers bloom.

How to Keep Bees: Getting Through the First Season

By Alethea Morrison

This step-by-step guide to beginning beekeeping will help you set up your beeyard and make it through the first season, battling Varroa mites with natural solutions. 


Free-Range Chickens Viable in Large Operation

Courtesy “Farm Show Magazine”

This Georgia farmer raises 60,000 free-range chickens in specially designed chicken tractors.

Mountain Lions in Kansas

By Hank Will

A mountain lion was most likely to blame for the maiming of one of Hank’s young calves.

The Lowdown on Feeding Clover to your Chickens

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

Determined to find out why clover is often included on lists of harmful plants for your chickens, I did a bit of research and spoke with some experts to find out the lowdown on feeding clover to your flock.

Pigs and Peanut Butter

By The Homestead Redhead

What happens when you give a pig some peanut butter.