Advice and resources for beekeeping, livestock, pets, poultry, and wildlife.

Kidding Season Comes To An End

By Jennifer Sartell

Read how I assisted in the birth of our three Alpine kids.

They Come in Threes

By Sara Krug

A day in my life; having animals in the country.

Sheep Herding Tips

By Hank Will, Editor-in-Chief

Try these sheep herding tips and your flock will be following you like a boss.

What Wild Game Did We Country Folks Eat?

By Arkansas Girl

Just a little list of what we rural Arkansas folks ate during the 50s and 60s


Raising Rabbits the Irresponsible Yet Creative and Fun Way

By Cait Carpenter

Creating your own rabbit breed the wrong way.

Free DIY Chicken Coop

By The Homestead Redhead

A no cost, easy to build chicken coop.

Lessons in Maple Syrup Production

By C. Dayton

Life's lessons are the best way to learn how to do something. On the family farm, the opportunities to learn abound. We learned a lot about making maple syrup this year and we can't wait for next year to do it better!

Homemade Blueberry Mint Fresh Breath Dog Treats

By Lisa - Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

This easy recipe for dog treats will help give your furry family members fresh breath and shiny coats.