Wrens and hooligans just don’t mix

| 5/24/2012 9:48:14 PM

I’ve been battling with a Carolina wren that somehow was getting into my barn and decided to make a nest in my tilt trailer that I haul around with my riding mower. Normally I don’t mind, but I had visions of the little birds fledging and coming home total destruction of everything in the barn from the hooligans trying to catch the birds.   Since it’s summer, I really need to use it for hauling things around the yard.

wren nest in trailer

I thought maybe she was coming through the dog door that was dangling by one electrical tie instead of the two I normally have it hanging from.  I need to replace the door, but the company went out of business and a new one is a different size, so it means a redo of the siding of the wall the door is mounted in. I repaired the flap and threw the nest out only to come back two days later to a completely rebuilt nest.  She was either coming in a chewed off corner of the flap or through the bent in the roof. 

egg shells

Again I threw the nest out and watched the trailer for several days and around in the barn for signs of a third nest. Not finding one, I was smug thinking I had won.   That is until Friday evening when I was closing down the doors, I thought I saw a bird flying around in the darkness.  I turned the lights back on, searched around the barn, but didn’t find anything.  Sunday when I went to the barn to feed the hooligans, I noticed egg shells on top of the bird seed barrel.   I hadn’t won.  I have a recycled gutter tacked to the wall above the stairs that I put small boards and pcv pipe in along with a small flower pot.  Inside the flower pot were two babies and two eggs.  

flower pot w nest