They Are So Wild

| 12/1/2014 10:28:00 AM

Country at HeartOne morning when we awoke, we heard a strange noise outside the house. My Dad went to investigate and found a lone, baby fox, shivering in the cold, I had never seen a fox, and I’m not sure where that one came from. But Dad made sure he didn't make it back to the clan. It's not clear how he killed it, but he made sure that it was no longer a threat to us or anyone else. Sorry, animal rights' activists, but I guess Dad felt he just couldn't let that one off the hook.

We knew there were bobcats in the forest. One day when we were traveling on one of the back roads, a bobcat near the highway ran into the woods. That was my first and last time seeing one. I'm not even sure what they're kin too. I think of them as large, oversize, undomesticated, house cats. They are, however, native to Arkansas.

bobcat| Fotolia/hkuchera 

Photo: Fotolia/hkuchera

When I lived in the country, I felt relatively safe from any wild animals that were reportedly living in our jungles. Any undomesticated animal is dangerous, but we never really came into contact with them. That's probably because wild animals usually stay deep in the dark forest and almost never come out during the day. If they do, it is rare for them to do so.

There were no deer or bears in that part of the country then, but near my father's homestead, people reported seeing black bears. Whether it's true or not, I can't say. We never saw one. There are bears there now – along with wolves, coyotes, fox and all kinds of rodents and other small, creepy-crawly things.