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| 10/16/2014 1:14:00 PM

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early fall 8426 

Rosedale GardenLittle did I know what kind of day I would have when I got up that early fall Saturday morn.

After breakfast I pulled the John Deere up in the driveway and started working on the flower bed, running down the side of it pulling out grass that had overwhelmed it and throwing the grass into the loader. While working I noticed my problem child Patches had pulled one of the ears off my donkey planter and walked off with it somewhere again. She had to steal the good ear instead of the one she broke the last time. As I took the load to the compost pile, I tilled down along the dry creek getting rid of the volunteer trees and weeds along my path. Since my two compost bins where overflowing, I dumped the load on top of a compost piled up in the middle of lower forty.

donkey minus ear 1010

JD 1033

I parked back in the driveway and almost had another load when I noticed a front tire going flat. By the time I got to the back garage, the tire was completely flat. I got out my dad’s old jack but it had a leak and wouldn’t work. Now how was I going to get the tire off? I thought and climbed up on the tractor, started it, turned the loader straight down dumping my load of weeds, lifted the front up, climbed down and put a jack stand under the front axle. Next air up the compressor, attach the wrench and find a socket to fit the wheel bolts. While the compressor was pumping up, I inspected the tire to see if I could find the hole and found a piece of barbed wire sticking out of the tire.

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