The Calendar and Critters Say Spring Has Sprung, But Has It?

Our weather in Bellville, Ohio, continues to be up and down, temperature-wise. March 20, according to the calendar, was the first day of spring. But Mother Nature had other ideas, bringing us snow showers in the morning. You can just see the snow flakes in this photo.

It didn’t last long but it sure put a damper on the day that I was hoping would be a bright, warm and sunny day!

As the week progressed, I could see the local critters did know spring was here. They showed up in big numbers to raid the bird feeders and search for anything they could eat. Showing up were not one, but two possums! They spent a lot of time eating sunflower seeds that were on the ground on the tree stump feeder. One left before I could get my camera!

The beautiful black squirrels are now regular visitors. There are three or four of them … they have varying colors of black with one being so black, in the sunlight, he’s a blue-black. They must be pairs because when two show up at the same time, there isn’t any fighting. This is a photo from a couple of weeks ago.

My very spoiled rabbits are also regular visitors. I put carrots outside the side door of the house every evening, and one bunny in particular shows up at exactly 6:45 p.m. to munch by herself. I’m saying “she” but I have no idea if it’s a male or female!

Saturday was a decent day so it was time to let Samson and Delilah out for the first time all winter.

They seemed to know when I went to the barn that it was going to be “liberation” day! They both started braying as soon as they heard me walk on the gravel lane back to the barn. It was the most exuberant braying … it echoed through the valley!

We let Samson out first. He jumped out of the stall door and took off as fast as his little legs could go, doing his laps around his pasture! He runs with his nose in the air, his whisk broom tail held straight up, showing all the attitude he can muster! The neighbors love to watch him when he runs!

Delilah, on the other hand, is always the lady and just ambles out of the barn, looks around to see what has changed and then heads to her sand pile for a good roll. She doesn’t run very often but when she does, she is, again, the lady. She prances more than runs. Saturday, her mind was set on a good roll in what was left of her sand pile to try and get the winter coat off. She is extremely shaggy from the cold weather.

Once the excitement of being outside again wore off, they met at the gate that separates their pastures and just stood absorbing the sun and looking for their favorite cows.

My neighbor hasn’t let them out yet since this is calving time and we have so many coyotes around here.

Sammy and Delilah didn’t have any company, but they enjoyed the fresh air! It appears “all’s well” with their world now that they can go outside!

  • Published on Mar 23, 2015
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