Spring Is In Full Swing in Mudville

| 6/15/2015 9:34:00 AM

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Ginnie BakerMother Nature seems to have calmed down and is giving us some true spring weather. It’s been warm and humid with a fair amount of rain that the garden loves.

The homestead truly lives up to it’s nickname, Mudville. It acquired that name when the barn was built a number of years ago! It was so muddy, the gravel trucks got stuck and had to be pulled out with a bull dozer!

gravel trucks in Mudville

The wildlife continues to be amusing … actually, some of them really aren’t all that “wild” anymore! The bunny is becoming very tame. She sits under the pine tree in the morning and evening, waiting for me to throw carrots out the door. She comes hopping up to the house when she sees me open the door. She just sits and waits for me to toss the carrots out for her!

tame "wild" rabbit

gymnastThe squirrel continues to hang on the tree upside down, grabbing the bird feeder made from a water bottle, and helping himself to sunflower seeds.

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