Spring Has Finally Arrived

| 4/6/2015 2:49:00 PM

Ginnie BakerIt feels like spring has finally arrived here in Bellville!

The temperatures have been almost at the norm for this time of year. The spring peepers are “peeping” at night, the birds are singing early in the morning and the grass is beginning to look green instead of the winter brown.

I love to watch the wildlife out here … it’s always entertaining!

The bunnies are daily, or I should say, evening visitors. I’ve been saying “she” comes every night but a couple of nights ago, there was an all-out, drag down fight so I assume it was two males.


I put carrots out every night for them and when I saw them arrive, I at first thought it was a pair until the fight started. They were both standing on their hind legs as they “pawed” at each other, scratching and biting. My cute “bunnies” had turned into Mohammed Ali and George Foreman!