Living In a Wildlife Garden

| 2/9/2015 11:07:00 AM

Going NativeTrying to create some sort of order in my wildlife garden is futile. For a person who likes a place for everything and everything in its place, sharing a garden with the local birds and other assorted critters is downright frustrating. 

For instance, I fill the bird feeders for the birds and find them empty a day later. There is no way the local bird population can consume that much seed in a 24-hour period. I sneak a peak when least expected and find squirrels, deer and raccoons helping themselves to the bird food.

Racoon at the feeder

I tried to strategically place the feeders where I think only birds can reach them, but alas, I am outsmarted and still find empty feeders at the end of the day. So along with eggs, milk and butter, birdseed is a food staple on our weekly grocery list.


Providing shelter for birds was my next goal. I love bluebirds and wanted them to be part of the garden. So, I put up a bluebird house. The first year, we raised a batch of bluebirds and I was thrilled.

2/12/2015 3:18:23 AM

what kind of bird house do morning dove like? Are they like pigeons?