It's Spring on the Homestead

| 6/16/2014 11:00:00 AM

Ginnie BakerSpring is in full swing on the homestead. I’ve made several batches of rhubarb jam and strawberry jam to enjoy during the winter months.

The asparagus is doing very well. I’ve sautéed it, roasted it and frozen it. We’ve had it sautéed with pork, in roasted vegetable pasta and in pasta primavera. It’s to the point now, I just say, “how would you like the asparagus tonight?” Not that I’m complaining. In winter, it’s so nice to go to the freezer and take out some asparagus from the garden and add a touch of spring to a cold evening.


The tomatoes are planted and the scarecrow is keeping watch. With all the tomato stakes, he looks like he’s in prison but so far, he’s doing his job.


With spring in full swing, it also means the “war” with the critters has begun!