Hello Winter, Goodbye Kangaroos

| 5/9/2016 1:09:00 PM

Allyson CrockettWhile most of you are enjoying the warmer spring weather, and you deserve it — I’ve seen those snowy pictures some of you have posted — I’m enjoying the cooler days and nights of autumn. And what a relief it is.

We’ve cut the firewood and stacked it in anticipation of the cold winter weather. Not that it gets too cold here, not by northern hemisphere standards, but the temperatures can still plummet to freezing overnight. And a cosy fire on a chilly night is one of the simple joys of life. The mornings are often sunny and bright and the frost soon melts along with any dark and gloomy thoughts.

Red kangaroo sleeping

In the warmer months, there are kangaroos galore around here. You’ll see them in the mornings, you’ll see them in the evenings, and when it’s very hot they lie around in the shade until it’s cool enough to come out and graze. When it’s very dry they come in and drink from the water containers I put out for my geese.

It’s hard to take a photo of the landscape without there being a kangaroo somewhere in the picture — a bit like ‘Where’s Waldo’ minus the stripey shirt. And they think they’re blending in. At night the road becomes an obstacle course, imagine giant rabbits darting out of the bushes with no plan of action. There’s a high probability that something large and furry will bound into your vehicle. They become confused in the headlights and leap the wrong way resulting in a collision. As graceful as they are, when they turn too quickly they often slip and fall which can end in disaster for them.

Where's the kangaroo?