First Day of Winter

| 12/24/2015 10:27:00 AM

Connie Moorerobin in a pine tree

It’s the first full day of winter. Robins are in the woods behind the post office. Wild turkeys are in the cornfield south of the cemetery and along the river.

Pileated woodpeckers are clinging to tree sides in the park. Juncos gather under the fire bushes and in the mulch and in the underbrush. They speak of winter with their soft voices; soft, squeaky voices that can only be heard if one stands still, very still.

There is green moss on the north sides of dormant trees, and if one looks closely, green moss grows on the hearts of those looking forward to the first warm of spring. A unique light sage green lichen covers American cherry trees recently soaked with winter rain.

Apple red cardinals sit not too far off from an observer who happens to mimic their language. Conversations can be quite rewarding when nature is one of the speakers. A backdrop of yellowed honeysuckle dotted with its own red berries entices all sorts of feathered creatures to share in the bounty.

To the south, in a meadow planted specifically for nature’s creatures, coppery colored prairie grasses lay over, heavy with the wetness of frost. Along walking trails, gray-shadowed purple berry canes lay over too, but from their own weight. They form a sort of tunnel which rabbits love as a thorny haven against aerial pursuers.

12/28/2015 4:00:02 PM

What a beautiful encounter with many treasures to be revealed if we just still ourselves to see, hear, smell and feel all she has to offer! Thanks for sharing. Cheryl @ Pasture Deficit Disorder