Enjoying a Painted Bunting Backyard Visit

| 7/27/2018 9:18:00 AM

Faithful HomesteaderI love bird-watching on my little homestead. Over the years we have seen a great variety of birds.

We used to put out bird seed, but having an abundance of birds around attracted hawks which would prey on our chickens. I was a bit discouraged because I loved my birds. We have however still provided water and some birds are attracted to the garden so all was not lost.

bunting fence

Several years ago I was so excited when we had a Painted Bunting visit our backyard. I could never get a great picture because I only had my phone to use. When I finally got a good camera, one of my goals was to get a good picture of the Painted Bunting.

However, as the years went by, I was not seeing my beloved Painted Bunting. I always hoped that we would have another good garden that would attract the beautiful creature.

bunting tree

7/30/2018 9:14:32 AM

Faithful Homesteader, it's always a joy to fulfill one of those goals in life that you have waited to accomplish. I suspect that you will see your Painted Bunting again. Since there's a female perhaps you will be able to see the whole family some day. ***** Have a great bird watching day. ***** Nebraska Dave