Creating a Bird Sanctuary: DIY Bluebird House

Build a DIY bluebird house to attract your favorite songbird and add to thriving habitats known as bluebird trails.

By Paul Meisel

Bird-Friendly Nest Boxes and Feeders (Fox Chapel Publishing, 2012) by Paul Meisel is a treasure trove of insight into creating the perfect backyard bird sanctuary for a variety of species. Featuring 12 simple designs that have been shop- and home-tested to prove their bird drawing abilities, Meisel also offers tips and tricks for keeping out predators and other species. Use the following DIY Bluebird House as a step to creating the most natural bird haven.

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Many people consider bluebirds their favorite songbird. Besides their beautiful song, these birds have a disposition that, by their very presence, makes people feel good. They are gentle, inquisitive, and just plain fun to watch. These pleasant creatures with their blue and red plumage are from the thrush family. The bluebird is the state bird of both Missouri and New York, while the mountain bluebird is the state bird of Idaho.