Backyard Nature Therapy

When my husband decided that he wanted to move further away from the city, I was not too excited about it. I like my modern conveniences and being close to friends and places I frequent. However, I did like the idea of moving to a quieter and safer area so we ended up with a bit of a compromise with our semi-rural home. I have discovered some sweet tranquility in our backyard with our birds, and bees and flowers and trees. I greatly enjoy the frogs, toads, lizards and squirrels too. I also cannot forget about the butterflies and dragonflies.

Hibiscus flower. We plan to make tea.

One of my favorite things is watching all the birds that come into the yard. I love to try to capture good photographs and it is so exciting to see a new bird come into the yard. So far, I have more than 30 different birds that I have counted in my small backyard. I like trying to recognize the different birds by their calls. It fascinates me that the male birds are the more colorful ones. We do get some nice color in the yard. It is all great therapy for my restless soul to have these creatures as part of my life.

I just love this little guy.

I know it is not original, but this is my buddy Woody.

My husband is a gardener and I know all that he does in the yard attracts a wide variety of wildlife. It is educational to watch everything and see how our own little ecosystem functions. I have always loved lizards, and we have plenty of big and small ones that make our homestead home. When I go outside at night, I run into plenty of toads and we have many of frogs chilling at the pond. They are interesting to watch.

I love how this can blend in so well with the tree.

Such a friendly looking face.

This year most of our garden was destroyed from flooding and one of the reasons that it is so heartbreaking is because the yard is not quite as active as it could be with bees, butterflies and such. We do have some, but other years have been much better. When life is crazy and stressful, the creatures in the yard are a calming force. They are most definitely treasured friends and they make me glad I moved away from the city.

  • Published on Jul 14, 2015
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