Wild Animals Are Wild Animals

| 11/28/2012 1:27:44 PM

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Milk Maid As homesteaders, farmers, ranchers and breeders of livestock, we have a “thing” about animals deep inside us. For some of us it’s our passion. My mother has always told me my first word was “horse” and with my father raised on a farm, it’s a safe guess that this is the reason I have this passion.  



 Faylene new born   

Faylene as a newborn 

Back in 1999 I had a call from a frantic woman. She had watched a doe (White Tail) give birth in the woods beside her house. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to see that! The problem was, she had a set of triplets and the doe left with 2 of them in tow. She went out to see a little-bit-of-a-thing trying to stand up but was having a hard time. She remembered I had dairy goats and gave me a call. As I was hanging the phone up, I was telling the kids to get in the truck, I had a surprise! With a dog create in the back we were looking at the little fawn within minutes. She was so small that she walked right through the 4” square horse panels. Oh my, this was going to be very interesting. Of course teaching my son & daughter that she was not going to be a pet was another thing.

original ramos
1/13/2013 6:21:28 AM

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original ramos
1/13/2013 6:19:42 AM

I really appreciate your story. I see that you are a loving person to the animals. keep it up! see also my blog site . looking forward for your response: Wild And Endangered Animals

jeselle arce
12/23/2012 8:14:38 AM

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11/30/2012 4:41:52 PM

Thanks again Dave. Deer are amazing animals and what I've learned about them over the many years it wonderful. They've enriched my life. Nice that you can see them but be on the watch for bucks this time of year as they are in rut. Breeding season is going on now & the bucks get mad very fast. If a human is in the way a buck will attack and kill a person. Their hooves are very sharp and do real damage. Keep your eyes out for bucks when in the garden. There are plants that will deter them from eating your garden also.

nebraska dave
11/29/2012 4:07:44 AM

Suzy, very nice story about rescuing wildlife and the gratefulness of the fawn that became the deer that returned every year to show off her babies to you. I didn't know that deer could live for eleven years. I have seen one deer at Terra Nova Gardens. It was a young deer. I don't know if it was male or female but it didn't seem too concerned about my presence in near proximity. I try for the moment to watch the wild life from my peripheral vision and let them check me out as I work in the garden. So far we have made it through one year co existing. Hopefully, it can remain that way and not become a battle. Have a great wildlife rescue day.

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