When the Going Gets Tough

| 2/20/2012 12:42:33 PM

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Rosalind head shotI am a teenager who recently moved to a little farm called Walnut Kitchen Homestead.  There are many animals living here, and we have about fifty chickens.  Each one has its own name, and one of the most personable hens is Uffie.  She is a Black Silkie Bantam, and we bought her as a pullet, when she was being raised in a closet by a college student.   

Due to some unforeseen events, Uffie is currently trying to figure out her new occupation. Recently she has stopped laying eggs, because of winter time. She also lost her young ‘uns, due to the misunderstanding of Cookie thinking that they were hers. With her long absence as Head Pecker there was some Management Re-Organization, leaving her unemployed in this tough economy. So this is the resume she submitted to us; an application to be the farm’s mascot. 

Transcribed and translated from “cluckish” to English by Rosalind. 

After reading Uffie’s resume, do you think she should be our mascot? If not, what additional experience is needed? Please post answers in "comments" section below. 

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rosalind miller
2/22/2012 5:24:30 PM

Thanks to all of you. I believe that Uffie's head is getting inflated with all this praise. She must be looking at Grit on the Chicken Wide Web. Next week's post will probably (I'm not making any promises) be about the piggies. BTW I am fifteen.

cindy murphy
2/22/2012 1:20:02 PM

The mascot?! With all those qualifications, I nominate Uffie as Walnut Kitchen Homestead President...and you, Rosalind for the Pullet-zer Prize in Chicken Journalism.

christine byrne
2/22/2012 11:50:52 AM

Bah, ha, ha!!! I love it! Yes, give that poor girl the job, she's worked so hard.

nebraska dave
2/21/2012 3:08:06 PM

Rosalind, how old are you? Your writing skills are awesome. If ever I need a resume written I'm going to have you write it. After that resume who could say no to having Uffie be the chicken yard mascot. I can tell that we are going to fully entertained by your farm experiences. Thank you for sharing your Uffie story. Have a great story writing day.

jean teller
2/21/2012 2:59:51 PM

Delightful, Rosalind! And yes, I vote for Uffie as Farm Mascot! :D PS Welcome to the Grit Community!

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