Welcome to the Undertaker Cafe - May We Take Your Order?

| 8/11/2012 11:30:20 AM

We have ‘natural undertakers’ here in Cow Country: a voluntary clean-up crew that appears miraculously, with no phone call required, to provide nearly-instantaneous free pick-up services to those in need (or dead). In fact, it’s almost frightening how quickly the Undertakers instinctively know when their services are required. It’s like they have culinary ESP.

No, I’m not talkin’ the Department of Public Works or even Smart ‘n Final (…a local grocery chain which I believed obviously advertised a mortuary until one day a friend explained why the place was always SO BUSY…).

I’m talkin’ vultures.


Photo by Dmitri Markine Photography, www.dmitrimarkine.com 

Here in Cow Country we have turkey vultures (only). One size fits all. Florida’s truly blessed to have both black and turkey vultures (…actually, I’m not sure my elderly mother-in-law views these dual vultures as a ‘blessing’, necessarily). And in Africa, they have African White-Backed, Bearded, Cape and Hooded vultures, amongst others. An over-abundance, actually, if you ask me. (What can I say: it’s like a party invitation from Death: die, and they will come.)