Walkabouts – Capturing the Simple Beauty Around Us

We have lived on this farm about 30 years. Although I have a deep and true appreciation for all that we have and all that is around us, there is nothing that has made me actually see my surroundings like a Walkabout. For me, the walkabout is walking (sometimes driving) around the yard and farm with camera in hand. Occasionally, I veer off the path slightly by taking in and capturing the view on the way to work. Or sometimes the Mr. and I go for a drive somewhat off the beaten path, but still in our neck of the woods. The entire purpose is to view and share our surroundings. By doing this, it also helps us to fully embrace the simple beauty in our everyday life.

Here is a Walkabout from January. The snow was beautiful, but we were already growing weary of winter at this point. I traveled about the snowy yard and captured random images which caught my eye that day.

A snowy hay field; a promise of Spring in buds on a tree; barn kitty Hazel in said tree; our neighbors’ corn field; sparkling “diamonds” in the snow; icicles on our old farmhouse; snow “dunes” created by the strong north winds.

Somehow while peering through the lens and capturing these shots, I forgot about the cold winter winds. Winter seemed beautiful – at least for a little while.

One of my favorite walkabouts occurred recently, during the last week of February. Mr. W and I ventured out to view the Bald Eagles which have now become a regular seasonal fixture at and around our farm. Oh, how majestic they are, and truly breathtaking to view up close and personal!

I’ve shared many walkabouts on our Flat Creek Farm blog over the course of the past year. From just the everyday simple beauty, to our majestic national bird, it’s been fun to share our little corner of the world in pictures. As an added bonus, I’ve been blessed with a renewed “attitude of gratitude” for all that is our life and farm. Simple though it may be, it is a good life.

I recommend that you too go out there and experience your very own walkabout in your very own corner of the world. Who knows? You may also reap unexpected rewards!

  • Published on Mar 12, 2010
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