United Bees

| 9/10/2011 10:54:38 AM


Muck Boot Diva HeadshotMy Blackberry alarm began to climb.  I turned it off, before I had to use my flail.

I woke up this morning all set for a busy day.  Grabbed a cup of coffee, the breakfast of champions in NJ, and sloshed it down; I was wearing all black -- so a drip here or a drop there really would not matter.

I got off on the right foot with a trip to the horse farm where I take riding lessons.  I took Rosie for a spin through the fields and the woods.  As a writer, the Diva needed a little time to clear her mind.  Rosie was happy to get out of the stalls for a while.  I managed to stay in the saddle and none of the low tree branches swiped me off. 

After dismounting, without falling on my rear end this time, I handed the reins back to the instructor and rushed off in my big black pick-up.

I blasted the radio and decided to sing along with “Put on a Happy Face” for about the fiftieth time this week because that was what everyone had been telling me to do – the Diva had been facing disaster after disaster for what seemed to be a long time without a break.  Thus, no recent posts.