Trapped in the hen house - it was bound to happen

| 2/12/2013 10:51:34 AM

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When you have a bunch of kids around the hen house it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

One night when I came home from picking up my son from gymnastics, I was met by my husband, Marc who was telling me what a “bad Dad” he was. Okay… I did a quick assessment. Things couldn’t have been that bad, my youngest daughter, Emma was sitting in the dining room eating popcorn and daughter number two, Addy was at the sink washing off eggs.

Go on.

Apparently earlier in the evening, Marc and the girls had been putting the chickens away for the night, first they checked for eggs and, as it was starting to get dark, they then put the birds securely into the hen house. Making sure that all outside doors were locked up tight, Emma and Marc then went into the house, drank some water, and Emma proceeded to watch TV while Marc did the dishes.

It wasn’t until a bit later when Emma started wondering why Addy wasn’t watching TV with her that it occurred to Emma to look out the window.

“I saw Addy in the chicken coop with a red face” said Emma as she recounted the story to me.

2/16/2013 1:31:07 AM

Wendy, Oh, yeah, I've seen that look before. You know our kids grow up to be pretty well adjusted in spite of what us parents do to them. I'm sure it will be a funny memory story .... some day. Have a great parenting day.

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