Top Ten Flowers your Chickens will Love

| 5/29/2012 3:54:45 PM

Anyone who free ranges their flock even some of the time knows that chickens will eat pretty much anything you have planted, so why not choose some nutritious flowers that they will enjoy when you're planning your gardens in the spring ?
(As an added bonus, all ten of these flowers are also edible for humans.)

 Here are my choices for
The Top Ten Flowers your Chickens Will Love: 


  1. Nasturtium not only attract bugs that eat the dreaded squash beetle larvae, the leaves and flowers are also edible for humans and make wonderful salad garnish.   Your chickens will love eating both the loeaves and the flowers, which are thought to be a natural wormer and also have antibiotic properties.

Squash Blossoms 

  1. Squash blossoms are tasty stuffed with a sausage/ricotta mixture then fried, but the chickens love them also fresh off the vine.  The blossom is a good source of calcium, iron and Vitamin A, so let them indulge from time to time.


  1. Violets make beautiful edible garnishes for cakes, cupcakes and ice cream, and also help with circulation and stop inflammation of the arteries. Your chickens will enjoy munching on them too.


  1. Marigolds not only ward off insects in your garden, but they are also an antioxidant and promote the growth of new skin tissue.  As an added bonus, chickens who eat marigolds lay eggs with bright yellow yolks.

 Bee Balm 

Jeffrey Spangler
5/31/2012 1:48:33 PM

Beautiful pictures! I had not realized that anything ate Marigolds... I'll have to give that one a try.

5/30/2012 1:44:50 PM

I just planted some Nasturtium and some herbs I picked out using the info from one of your previous blogs. Thanks for the great info.

Lisa Breton
5/30/2012 10:51:31 AM

Very informative. But it sounds like I either have to pull up most of my yard or not let the chicks, once old enough, free range. I have different plants mentioned in different spots all over the yard...not like it is in one area. I also have plants in the yard that I planted just for them.