Through Equine Eyes

| 8/27/2009 11:44:53 AM

Tags: horses, goats,

Horses watching the landscape

I love watching our horses.

They are so ... in the moment.

Horses turn toward something new in their environment.

Always vigilant about their surroundings.

Horses looking at the new goat.

Sherry 'Woodswoman'
9/11/2009 12:00:27 PM

Priceless sunset moments Caleb. Glad I could help you relive them. Sherry

9/10/2009 4:13:16 PM

This made me miss the horses my family used to have when I was a young buck. We had Quarter horses, a Foxtrotter and an Appaloosa. Spent many a sunset watching the horizon on horseback. Thanks for the pictures and the images they made me recall.