They're Attic Again...

| 10/28/2012 11:42:32 AM

It's been so long since I've heard the pitterpatter of little feets that I forgot about yet another facet of Winter: the too-predictable arrival of the Allied Attic Invasion Forces.

Standard Home Maintenance Manual 101 would have it that ALL one has to do is check for holes at the home's foundation and be certain all crawlspace and attic vents are firmly sealed.

We should be so lucky.

No, our annual non-renters have found some subterranean tunnel that apparently lends to an effective Rat (...or Possum: take your pick) highway under the house, leading handily up the bathroom wall pipes to comfy and spacious attic accommodations.

For all I know (and for all the activity it enjoys each winter), it's paved down (and up) there, with stoplights and In 'n Out Burgers for the millions (sounds like) who enjoy the combo of dry convenience, well-used ingress and egress, and even thoughtful insulation (sprayed in by the landlords) against the elements.

 Attic Perks 

10/30/2012 1:15:52 AM

Diane, you are too funny. I lived in an old house many years ago that was similar to you current one. I had a running tally between our cat and me with traps as to who could eliminate the most mice in the winter months. It would usually turn out about even by spring and the total would usually run about 20. I'm sure there were many more that were consummated in the walls that escaped the jaws of the cat and snap of the trap. Just when the invasion of the mice ended the fleas began their attack. We finally moved out of that house. Imagine that it was not very good for family members with allergies to live there. (rolling eyes). Have a great critter control day.