The Political Pigs

| 3/5/2012 12:24:33 PM

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This week I thought it would be interesting to post the minutes to the most recent Grand Political Pig Party Monthly Meeting. The president is Squeak and the Vice-President is Bubbles. These are our two pigs. Since they can’t hold a very good meeting with only two animals, they asked us humans and some chickens to come and attend. In case you didn’t know, pigs are very political animals, and believe in justice, equality and liberty.

Bubble and Squeak our first pigs 

G3P Minutes 3/1/12
Grand Political Pig Party

Meeting called to order with the pig pledge.

“On my pig honor, I will do my very piggy best to be kind to my owners. To turn over all the soil. To grow fat and eat my food. To love pineapple with all my heart, and to not eat live chickens or other meat.”

Then attendance was counted by asking the question, “Who is your favorite goat?” There were two pigs, two humans, and thirteen chickens present. A total of seventeen beings came to the meeting.

3/7/2012 1:27:26 AM

Cheryl, I'm glad to hear you have mended your fences so to speak. I'm surprised that the neighbor was so lax with his registered cows. Usually folks with registered cows are pretty picky about who they associate with. Animals and fences are one of the plagues of farming. Animals are just destined to get out on occasion. I guess if I was fenced in my dream would be to escape too. It just natural for animal and human to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. :0) Have a great fence barrier day.

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