The Danger of Cinder Blocks in the Coop

| 5/15/2013 1:08:55 PM

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If you’re a follower of my blog or Facebook page then you already know about this but I want to make sure that the word gets out to as many chicken owners as possible.

One less death is one less death. 

Cinder blocks can be a deathtrap  

This week, we had a mishap when we introduced a new chick into our existing flock. As it turned out she was a solitary chick and although I had done what had worked for me in the past - she was caged in the hen house for a week, had supervised interaction with the flock, entered the flock unsupervised at night when they were getting ready to roost - she died the next day.

The reason for her death is that when she tried to get away from the other flock members, she scooted into the side hole of the cinder block upon which we keep our water bucket. She got stuck and with only her bum exposed, the other chickens went to town and literally pecked her to death. By the time I found her she was horrifically wounded.

We’ve had cinder blocks in our coop for years and we’ve never had this happen. We even have some tiny bantams who have never tried to get inside the blocks. But this chick managed to not only get inside but also get stuck in one.

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