The Chicken Fountain, LLC announces the release of The Chicken Fountain Poultry Watering System

| 7/2/2012 8:06:21 AM

The Chicken Fountain, LLC, a provider of poultry watering systems and products, announced the release of their new product line of passive flow semi-sealed poultry watering devices. The Chicken Fountain is a fully automatic low maintenance watering system designed to meet the need of the individual who chooses to keep a backyard flock.

“The Chicken Fountain takes the mess out of providing your flock with clean and fresh water”, says Frank Cardaropoli, Owner of The Chicken Fountain, LLC. “Backyard flock owners can now enjoy a truly maintenance free system that cannot be fouled by their flock. The Chicken Fountain is easy to operate, and its design prevents rodents and wild birds from transmitting disease through contaminating water supplies. Supplements and wormers, if used, can be added directly to the system to keep your flock it top shape”, says Frank Cardaropoli.

The Chicken Fountain is shipped partially assembled to save transportation cost and only requires a few minutes of assembly time. (For an additional shipping charge the unit can be shipped fully assembled.) Each unit is constructed from heavy duty PVC material approved for safe water distribution. There are three standard sizes of The Chicken Fountain, but it can also be custom designed to meet the diverse needs of the ever growing population of those maintaining backyard flocks. “The system’s design makes it a perfect solution for not only chickens but all types of fowl”, says Frank Cardaropoli, Owner of the Chicken Fountain. “Besides the maintenance and health value flock owners will experience, there is also peace of mind knowing your flock will always have a fresh supply of clean water”.

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