Spring Means New Baby Critters on the Farm

| 5/9/2012 4:57:57 PM

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Marie James head shotLast week I showed you some new plant life around our farm. Today we’ll put some cute critters on display.

Though our goal with livestock is mostly to produce food for our extended family, we do enjoy the animals while they’re here. We give them a good life and appreciate their contribution to our tables.

Our grandkids know what the livestock is for, but they still like to give the critters names. Some, like the docile chickens, are cuddled, held, and carried about day after day. Others, such as the squirmy piglets, are admired from a distance.

Life on the farm has taught the grandkids a lot about the cycle of life—the wonder of eggs hatching, the sadness of loss, the enjoyment of animal personalities. And the grandkids all relish the eggs and meat they help produce.

Prior to moving here, our livestock experience was limited to beef cattle and horses. Two years ago we started out with hatchery chicks, raising up laying hens and meat birds. Now that we have the chicken raising down pat, we’re adding pork production to the farm.

 piglets hiding in straw

5/12/2012 1:58:58 PM

Marie, it's totally obvious that you like your rural life and your critters. I think it's great that you are living the dream. I hope to hear many more stories about your rural life experiences. Have a great day in the country.

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