Splitting Wood by Hand

| 1/3/2013 12:37:13 PM

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 Hauling and Stacking Fire Wood 

There’s a sense of comfort and accomplishment that accompanies a full woodshed. We finished packing in our winter supply just in time in early December.   

 Splitting Wood by Hand 

A wedge and the blunt end of a splitting maul (or godevil) were used to split these over sized chunks of firewood into two pieces. Their size and weight prevented lifting them onto our horizontal wood splitter. 
Using a Log Splitter 

Even though a wood splitter operates at a slow speed, the force of the ram can cause an irregular piece of wood to be expelled under pressure sideways. It’s important to remain focused on the task at hand when you're splitting wood. 

Several years ago, my neighbor spent the better part of a summer splitting and stacking a large sugar maple tree he had cut down in his yard. For an hour or two every day, the “thunk” of the godevil striking the wood and the occasional high pitched “twang” of a maul hitting a splitting wedge rang through the air. What made this act so memorable was my neighbor’s age: Mr. Herman was 92 years old when he split and stacked the entire tree by himself.

C. Dayton
1/5/2013 9:23:49 PM

Thanks for your comments, Dave. We can go through a full woodshed of wood in one heating season, especially if it's cold and the winter is long. That's using wood as the primary heat source and relying on a gas furnace for backup. Regarding Mr. Herman, everyone was amazed that he could split wood (and it wasn't a small tree), but he surely did it!

1/5/2013 8:10:49 PM

Wow, that's a lot of wood. Do you go through that much wood every year to heat your house? That's a lot of work, I think. It's amazing to think that a 92 year old man could still do wood splitting by hand. I want to be just like him when I grow up. I'm a firm believer in doing things as long as possible as aging creeps up on me. Have a great wood splitting day.

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