Sometimes the Cow Puts Her Foot in the Bucket

| 1/22/2013 3:07:45 PM

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Sometimes the cow puts her foot in the bucket. 

That is more than just a statement about what happened in the milk room this morning.  Yes, Beulah Belle did, in fact, put her foot in my milk bucket when I was almost done milking.  Yes, it ruined at least a gallon and a half of milk.  No, she didn't mean to.  Yes, I got mad.
 Beulah in snow 

Then I got to thinking that her stomping in my bucket was a great metaphor about life.  Perhaps I needed to learn a lesson there.  God really likes to teach me lessons in the strangest ways. 

Sometimes things don't go our way.  We get mad about it.  We blame it on someone else.  Sometimes we get stuck in this spot right here, but there is more to the story!! 

My milk got ruined.  I got mad.  Then I finished milking the cow into the bucket of ruined milk.  I washed her udders, and I applied "bag balm" because, just like my hands, they were dry, and that's what a loving owner would do.  Then it was time to look on the bright side. 

I realized that my chickens would love a bowl of nice warm milk on this frosty morning.  My fig tree would like a drink too.  Fig trees need a lot of calcium, so ruined milk is great for them. 

1/29/2013 10:46:27 PM

Diane, you crack me up. Yes, pun intended. Most of our farm animals had a nick name like Itty Bit the milk cow because she was the cuttiest little Jersey cow among a herd of holsteins. Then there was Ice Cube, a bull calf, that was born in the dead cold of winter and froze the tips of his ears off. Of course Porky had to be a pig. Then there was the Colonel as in Sanders which was a rooster. He didn't have a mustache or a beard. It just goes with naming an animal to match it up with something that identifies their personality or charactor. Have a great day thinking about animal names.

Mary Carton
1/23/2013 1:07:41 AM

We had milking machines, but one cow after you got her clean so you could put the milker on her would stomp in the bucket every time or would muddy up her udder after you had her cleaned up and nice and dry.

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